Mark Cronin

Join Coach Dan Gordon as he interviews Mark Cronin, one of Hollywood’s most successful television producers. From chemical engineering to creating 44 groundbreaking TV shows, including the hit reality series Below Deck, Mark shares his journey, insights, and the relentless drive that propelled him to the top. Learn about his unique approach to reality TV, the challenges he faced, and the invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs looking to break free of their limitations. Tune in for an inspiring and actionable episode!

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: How did you make the leap from chemical engineering to television writing?
A1: I disliked engineering instantly and spent five years earning money while exploring creative fields like ad copywriting and standup comedy. Eventually, I promised myself if I could find a job in entertainment that paid as much as engineering, I’d make the switch.
Q2: What drew you to reality television?
A2: I followed success. I was openminded about my career path and was grateful to be in the creative world. Reality TV offered me opportunities that aligned with my skills and interests.
Q3: How did you manage to get a job on the Howard Stern Show?
A3: I found a vulnerable spot in their TV show in Secaucus, NJ, and relentlessly faxed sketches while following up with calls. Eventually, I wore them down and got hired.
Q4: What advice do you have for people stuck in unfulfilling jobs?
A4: Don’t pursue comfort. Find something you’re passionate about and persistently work towards it. Embrace discomfort and keep trying different things until you find success.
Q5: What is the key to creating a successful reality TV show?
A5: Identify a compelling hook and build a show around it. Understand your audience and ensure the story is clear and engaging. Always fight for your creative vision.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Stepping into discomfort is just part of the experience.
2. You need to be relentless getting your foot in the door and in your quest to be helpful.
3. Popular equals good. Capturing an enormous audience is crucial.
4. Every day you have the opportunity to transform your life in exciting and financially rewarding ways.
5. Follow success. Be openminded about your career path and grateful for opportunities.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Embrace Discomfort: Success often lies outside your comfort zone.
2. Persistence Pays Off: Relentlessly pursue your goals and be adaptable.
3. Follow Success: Be openminded about your career path and pursue areas where you find success.
4. Creative Vision: Always fight for your creative vision and understand your audience.
5. Be Indispensable: Make yourself irreplaceable by being helpful and taking on various roles.

Contact Info
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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Overcoming Fear and Taking Risks
6:00 Mark Cronin’s Journey to Hollywood
12:00 Creating 44 TV Shows
17:00 The Success of Below Deck
22:00 Working with Howard Stern
29:00 Advice for Aspiring Creatives
35:00 Closing Remarks

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