Lucy Hall & Ri-Karlo Handy

Join us for a compelling episode featuring Lucy Hall, founder of Mary Hall Freedom House, and Ricardo Handy, producer of the documentary Hope Village. Lucy shares her journey of helping over 10,000 women and children overcome addiction and poverty, while Ricardo discusses his passion for creating films that inspire social change. Discover the powerful insights and lessons from their resilience, recovery, and hope stories. Take advantage of this inspiring conversation on For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: What inspired Lucy Hall to create the Mary Hall Freedom House?
A1: Lucy was motivated by her journey of recovery and the losses she experienced due to addiction in her family. She wanted to help others find a way out of the darkness and realize that recovery is possible.
Q2: How did Ricardo Handy come to produce the documentary Hope Village?
A2: Ricardo was inspired by Lucy’s story and her impact on so many lives. He wanted to create a film that would encourage social change and provide valuable resources for those struggling with addiction.
Q3: What is the common misconception about people with an addiction that Lucy Hall wants to dispel?
A3: Lucy emphasizes that nobody wants to be an addict. Addiction is not a choice, and everyone is struggling with something. It’s important to understand that people with an addiction desire connection and support.
Q4: How does Ricardo Handy describe his journey in the entertainment industry?
A4: Ricardo started working in the film industry at 14 and has succeeded dramatically. However, he found true fulfillment in creating projects that have a meaningful impact on the world, like Hope Village.
Q5: What advice does Lucy Hall give to those struggling with addiction or seeking purpose?
A5: Lucy advises people to recognize their purpose and passions. By sharing her experiences and helping others, she demonstrates that recovery and a fulfilling life are possible.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Recovery is possible, and I’m living proof. Lucy Hall
2. We all need connection. It’s the key to overcoming addiction. Lucy Hall
3. Creating impactful stories is my true calling. Ricardo Handy
4. Everyone is addicted to something. The key is recognizing and overcoming it. Lucy Hall
5. Accountability to others is crucial for growth and success. Ricardo Handy

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Recovery is achievable with the proper support and resources.
2. Everyone struggles with some form of addiction or challenge.
3. Connection and community are essential for overcoming difficulties.
4. Finding purpose and passion is vital to a fulfilling life.
5. Accountability and asking for help are crucial for success and growth.

Contact Info
Lucy Hall’s website:
Follow Hope Village Project on Instagram and Facebook: @hopevillageproject
Watch the documentary on Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes.

0:00 Introduction of Guests
6:04 Lucy Hall’s Story and Impact
10:04 Ricardo Handy’s Journey in Filmmaking
12:16 Struggles of High Achievers
17:05 Understanding Addicts
20:08 Lucy Hall’s Turning Point
22:25 Ri-Karlo Handy on Purpose and Impact
26:34 The Mary Hall Freedom House
30:17 Documentary and Book Details
34:31 Final Thoughts and Closing

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