Larry Steinhouse

In this episode of For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!, Coach Dan Gordon interviews Larry Steinhouse, a real estate and stock market investing powerhouse. Larry shares his journey from buying his first house at 18 with a credit card to becoming a millionaire. He discusses the importance of responsibility, the value of private investors over banks, and his unique approach to stock options. Tune in to learn Larry’s money hacks and get inspired to take bold action in your entrepreneurial journey.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: Why did you decide to buy a house at 18?
A1: I was inspired by a colleague who was making money in real estate. I didn’t have much, but I took the opportunity.
Q2: How did you buy your first house with no money?
A2: I used my credit cards to cover the down payment and secured a traditional loan from a bank.
Q3: What makes your approach to real estate different from others?
A3: I deal with private investors instead of banks or hard money lenders and focus on leveraging opportunities with minimal personal capital.
Q4: How do you respond to being late for a meeting?
A4: Successful people own their mistakes. They apologize sincerely and sometimes offer a small token, like a $5 coffee card, to make amends.
Q5: What is one of your critical rules for trading stock options?
A5: One important rule is not to listen to people. Most news is manipulated to influence stock prices, so I rely on my analysis and rules.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Highly successful people take full responsibility for everything in their lives.
2. If I go to closing with $500, I fail.
3. To make a difference, you have to elicit emotion.
4. Your accountant is an idiot. Learn the tax laws yourself.
5. Stop listening to broke people about money.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Taking full responsibility is critical to success.
2. Private investors are more beneficial than banks for real estate deals.
3. Emotions must be controlled to follow successful trading rules.
4. Pay your kids through your business for tax benefits.
5. Challenge common money myths to find new opportunities.

Contact Info
Larry Steinhouse:
Larry’s Book Money Hacks: Because Everything You Think You Know About Money Is Wrong
Larry’s Radio Show: Investor Schooling Live, Money Chat Now
Coach Dan Gordon: Text GAP to 213.409.8366 for a free book.

00:00:00 Introduction by Coach Dan Gordon
00:01:00 Power of responsibility
00:06:00 Larry’s first real estate deal
00:13:00 Private investors vs. banks
00:20:00 Embracing honesty and directness
00:24:00 Stock options trading rules
00:28:00 Paying your kids for tax benefits
00:31:00 How to contact Larry Steinhouse

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