Josh Elledge

In this episode, Josh Elledge of Up My Influence shares his journey from journalism in the Navy to becoming a top podcaster and business relationship expert. Learn how he overcame six business failures to build a thriving company and his innovative approach to leveraging podcasting for business development. Josh also discusses the importance of generosity and authentic relationship-building in achieving success. Tune in for invaluable insights and practical advice on growing your influence and income through podcasting.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: What is your most critical lesson from your multiple business failures?
A1: The most critical lesson is to keep going despite fear and doubt. Every failure is a stepping stone; history shows you’ll not die from it. Just do it anyway.
Q2: How did you leverage your journalism background in your entrepreneurial journey?
A2: Adrian Cronauer taught me the importance of serving the audience with honesty and transparency. This principle guided my approach to business and media, emphasizing value and integrity.
Q3: What differentiates your approach to PR and business development?
A3: We focus on generosity first and business second. By building genuine relationships and serving others, we stand out and create lasting connections that lead to business success.
Q4: How do you handle the initial fear of public speaking or taking bold actions?
A4: I acknowledge the fear and do it anyway. It’s about being honest and authentic with the audience, which helps to overcome the initial discomfort and build confidence over time.
Q5: What advice do you have for someone looking to start a podcast for business development?
A5: Focus on relationship building rather than transactional goals. Use the platform to spotlight others and build genuine connections. This approach creates valuable relationships and opens doors for business opportunities.

Five Badass Quotes
1. I get nervous every day, but I do it anyway because history has shown I’m probably not going to die.
2. You take on a sacred obligation When you leverage a platform to serve audiences.
3. Doing the right thing is often scary, lonely, and uncertain.
4. Generosity first, business second.
5. Your network is your net worth.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Embrace fear and do it anyway; each failure is a learning opportunity.
2. Honest and transparent communication builds trust and long-term success.
3. Generosity in business leads to more robust, more genuine relationships.
4. Consistent, high-level introductions are vital to growing your influence.
5. Building relationships through podcasting creates lasting business opportunities.

Contact Info
Josh Elledge’s website:
Text Josh to 213-409-8366 for a free resource
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00:00:00 Overcoming daily fears
00:01:00 Introduction to Josh Elledge
00:02:00 Josh’s journalism background and lessons learned
00:03:00 Importance of doing the right thing
00:04:00 Handling self-doubt and public speaking
00:05:00 Josh’s business failures and successes
00:06:00 Building genuine business relationships
00:07:00 Generosity first, business second
00:08:00 Podcasting as a relationship-building tool
00:09:00 Authenticity in sales and marketing
00:10:00 The power of collaboration

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