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In this episode of For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!, Coach Dan Gordon interviews Sir John Shin, a successful entrepreneur who has started over 26 companies, all of which have become multimillion-dollar enterprises. John shares his journey from being bullied as a child to becoming a knight and a business mogul. He reveals his mindset of turning challenges into opportunities, the importance of providing value, and the secrets behind his financial services company, Oxiana. Tune in to learn how to overcome fear, seize opportunities, and achieve massive success. Take this chance to get inspired and take your entrepreneurial game to the next level!

Five Badass Q&As:
Q1: What drove you to start your own business at a young age?
A1: I’ve always taken the initiative but realized I would need someone to do it. I didn’t want to burden my parents; I wanted to be a contributor.
Q2: How do you handle fear differently than most people?
A2: Fear for most people paralyzes them, but for me, fear means feeling excited and ready. I changed my physiology, thought process, and self-talk to overcome it.
Q3: What was your biggest challenge in making the Think and Grow Rich movie?
A3: One major challenge was filming the Three Feet From Gold scene during a storm, which delayed production and increased costs. We had to adapt and overcome these obstacles.
Q4: How did you expand Oxiana to operate in all 50 states?
A4: It started with a critical team member moving to another state. I opened an office there, made him a partner, and repeated this process with others, leading to our nationwide presence.
Q5: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs facing obstacles?
A5: View every adversity as a test of your resilience. Embrace the challenge and find ways to overcome it. Surround yourself with knowledgeable people and stay committed to your goals.

Five Badass Quotes:
1. Everyone wants to get hit by the train of success, but only some people are willing to step out onto the tracks.
2. Fear means feeling excited and ready.
3. Trust takes time, but likability makes time.
4. Success doesn’t discriminate; it goes to anyone who embraces the proper principles.
5. Things don’t matter, but people do.

Five Badass Takeaways:
1. Look for opportunities in every challenge.
2. Approach fear with excitement and readiness.
3. Build trust by first being likable.
4. Surround yourself with knowledgeable and supportive people.
5. True success comes from providing value and helping others.

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0:00 Introduction and Focus
0:28 Show Intro
0:58 Dan’s Opening Remarks
2:00 Bottom Line Truth: Stepping onto the Tracks
6:30 Free Blueprint for Success Offer
7:00 Introducing Sir John Shin
9:24 Early Life and Entrepreneurship
14:40 The Importance of Value
18:22 Handling Fear
25:03 Mentoring and Success Gene
30:21 Being a Mentor
39:03 Building Oxiana
45:01 Overcoming Challenges
49:41 Finding Opportunities in Obstacles
56:18 Wealth and Happiness
1:02:36 Making the Think and Grow Rich Movie
1:10:13 Facing Adversities
1:13:52 WrapUp and Key Takeaways

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