Jim Katzaroff

Join Coach Dan Gordon as he interviews Jim Katzaroff, the CEO of GlobeStar Therapeutics Corp. Jim shares his journey from starting a business in high school to leading multiple biotech companies focused on solving complex neuromuscular diseases like MS. Learn about the innovative treatments developed by GlobeStar and gain insights into Jim’s entrepreneurial mindset, leadership strategies, and passion for making a global impact. This episode contains valuable lessons for entrepreneurs looking to take bold actions and achieve extraordinary success.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: What inspired you to start your first business in high school?
A1: My uncle and aunt lived in São Paulo, and I saw opportunities there. I saved up for a round-trip flight and started an import business, bringing in minerals and pewter from Brazil. It taught me the importance of education and tackling complex challenges.
Q2: How do you manage multiple companies simultaneously?
A2: I’m currently focusing on two companies full-time. I’ve learned to delegate and rely on a skilled team. Knowing your limits and hiring more intelligent people to manage different aspects is essential.
Q3: What is GlobeStar Therapeutics’ approach to treating MS?
A3: We’ve developed a patented method involving a pill taken twice daily for 45 days, combining three preapproved FDA drugs with our secret formula. The results from our trials in Italy have been incredible, and we’re now seeking FDA approval for clinical trials in the US.
Q4: How do you handle failure and setbacks in your entrepreneurial journey?
A4: Failure is part of the process. My biggest failure was with Apogee Biometrics, where the technology just didn’t work. I didn’t let it affect my self-confidence. You have to keep moving forward and learn from each experience.
Q5: What advice do you have for building strong business relationships?
A5: Be genuinely interested in people and always be there for them. Don’t hide behind emails; make an effort to connect personally. Be honest about the good, the bad, and the ugly, and consistently seek to help and support others.

Five Badass Quotes
1. The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.
2. You can’t be afraid of failure in doing this stuff.
3. To live an extraordinary life, you must forget about safety.
4. everybody looks at it and says yes, yes, yes.
5. Most people do not live; most people just exist, which bothers the daylights out of me.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Confidence and willingness to take risks are crucial for entrepreneurial success.
2. Building solid relationships requires genuine interest and personal connection.
3. Failure is an inevitable part of the journey; learn from it and keep moving forward.
4. Education and continuous learning are vital to overcoming ignorance and achieving goals.
5. A clear vision and passion for making a positive impact drive long-term success.

Contact Info
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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Meeting Jim Katzaroff
02:00 The Power of Overcoming I Can’t
04:00 Jim’s Early Business Ventures
06:00 Jim’s Biotech Journey
09:00 Building Relationships and Learning from Failure
13:00 GlobeStar Therapeutics’ Mission
19:00 The Road Ahead for GlobeStar
22:00 Entrepreneurial Advice from Jim
30:00 The Importance of Genuine Interest in People
33:00 Challenges and Opportunities in Biotech
39:00 Closing Thoughts

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