Jade Olivia

In this episode of For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!, Coach Dan Gordon talks with Jade Olivia, a community engagement expert. Jade shares her top strategies for transforming your clients and customers into thriving communities. Discover the secrets to fostering genuine connections, encouraging interaction, and using data-driven methods to enhance engagement. Learn how to make your members feel seen, heard, and valued. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your community management skills!

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: What is people’s most significant mistake when building a community?
A1: Treating it like social media. Posting and hoping for engagement is not the same as fostering a true community.
Q2: How should a business owner interact with their community?
A2: Facilitate conversations among members rather than being the focal point. Introduce members to each other and encourage them to share their experiences.
Q3: What’s the first step to take when someone joins your community?
A3: Understand their journey and milestones. Track their progress and engage them based on their level and interests.
Q4: How can you keep track of all the information about community members?
A4: Use a data grid to track their mastery levels and unique categories. This helps in making strategic interactions and connecting members.
Q5: How do you get your community to grow and bring in more people?
A5: Happy members are natural promoters. Use urgency, exclusivity, and gamification to encourage them to invite others.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Stop treating your communities like social media.
2. The best communities are about the members, not the leader.
3. Create milestones for your community members’ journeys.
4. Happy members are your best promoters.
5. Make your members feel seen, heard, and valued.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Treat your community differently from social media.
2. Facilitate member interactions instead of being the leading voice.
3. Track member progress using a data grid to engage them better.
4. Use urgency, exclusivity, and gamification to grow your community.
5. Focus on making members feel seen, heard, and valued.

Contact Info
Jade Olivia: jadeolivia. co https://jadeolivia.co
Instagram: jadeolivia. co https://instagram.com/jadeolivia.co
Facebook: jadeolivia. co https://facebook.com/jadeolivia.co
Coach Dan Gordon: Text GAP to 213.409.8366 for a free book.

00:00:00 Introduction by Coach Dan Gordon
00:01:00 Jade’s community engagement tips
00:04:00 Differences between social media and community
00:07:00 Member interaction strategies
00:10:00 Mapping member progress
00:14:00 Data tracking for engagement
00:19:00 Growing your community
00:24:00 Seen, heard, and valued approach
00:28:00 Contact and further resources

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