Gary Wilson

Join Coach Dan Gordon as he interviews Gary Wilson, the author of “Global Investor Agent.” Gary shares his unique approach to thriving in the real estate market, even during downturns. He reveals secrets to leveraging existing resources, building a solid business foundation, and turning expertise into multiple income streams. This episode is packed with invaluable insights on overcoming fear, expanding services, and achieving lasting success. Whether you’re a real estate agent or investor, Gary’s practical advice and inspiring stories will help you navigate challenges and grow your business. Tune in for an episode filled with actionable tips and motivation.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: What is the biggest mistake real estate agents and investors make?
A1: The biggest mistake is not leveraging what you already have. Successful agents and investors must utilize their existing resources and expand their services to include property management, title insurance, and other related services.
Q2: How do you handle the fear of expanding your business?
A2: It’s essential to recognize that fear is natural. The key is to push yourself, raise the bar, and find ways to overcome challenges. Hiring an implementer who can handle tasks and help manage the business can make a significant difference.
Q3: What should a real estate agent focus on to grow their business?
A3: Agents should build a robust contact management system and ensure they provide consistent value to their clients through services like monthly market updates. This keeps clients informed and reminds them of the agent’s expertise.
Q4: How can someone identify what they are good at and turn it into an income stream?
A4: Pay attention to what energizes you and what you daydream about. Often, the things you are passionate about are the best business opportunities. Sell the concept, refine it based on feedback, and then build it out.
Q5: What is the most critical lesson for entrepreneurs?
A5: Entrepreneurs must master two skills: offering a valuable product or service and managing a business effectively. This includes everything from marketing and operations to customer support and financial management.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Anybody can make money in an up market. The trick is to make money in one that’s down.
2. Help enough other people get what they want, and you’ll have no problem getting everything you want.
3. Think of growth as a set of steps. Don’t lift your first foot until the next one is firmly planted.
4. Fear is natural, but your success is on the other side of that fear.
5. Nothing grows unless you bring someone in to do the work.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Leverage your existing resources to expand your services and income streams.
2. Push through fear by hiring an implementer and raising your business standards.
3. Consistently provide value to clients with tools like monthly market updates.
4. Identify your passion and turn it into a business opportunity.
5. Master your product/service and business management skills for success.

Contact Info
Gary Wilson’s Book Global Investor Agent is available on Amazon and Audible
Text Wilson to 213-409-8366 for a free book chapter

0:00 Introduction to Gary Wilson
3:52 Key to Real Estate Success
6:34 Leveraging What You Already Have
10:46 Overcoming Fear in Business
18:34 Identifying Income Streams
25:43 Writing and Publishing Your Book
32:21 The Importance of Saying Yes
35:50 Final Thoughts and Book Offer

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