Franz Harary

Franz Harary, a grand illusionist and visionary, has revolutionized the world of magic with his incredible illusions. Franz shares his journey and the psychology behind his success, from creating the largest magic show in history to working with global superstars like Michael Jackson. Discover how he captivated millions, innovatively used technology in magic, and seized opportunities against all odds. Learn about his transition from stage illusions to architectural design and his advice for entrepreneurs facing challenges. This inspiring episode reveals the creative mind of one of entertainment’s most influential figures. Join us for an unforgettable conversation with Franz Harary.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: What was Franz Harary’s reaction when someone said his ideas were impossible?
A1: Anytime someone said, You can’t do this, Franz’s instant response was, I’m talking to the wrong guy.
Q2: How did Franz start designing illusions for large audiences?
A2: In high school, Franz created an illusion for the marching band where a person disappeared from the 50-yard line of a football game, which led to more opportunities.
Q3: How did Franz get involved with Michael Jackson?
A3: Franz sent a VHS tape of his magic to Michael Jackson’s attorney after finding his contact info on TV, leading to a meeting and a job designing illusions for Jackson’s tour.
Q4: How does Franz describe the role of psychology in magic and business?
A4: Franz believes that understanding and influencing how people think is crucial in creating illusions and convincing people to buy into his ideas.
Q5: What drives Franz to keep innovating in his career?
A5: Franz is motivated by the joy of creating something new and watching it impact people positively, which fuels his continuous pursuit of new markets and opportunities.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Anytime someone has told me, ‘No, that’s impossible,’ my instant response is, ‘I’m talking to the wrong guy.’
2. I can control what they think. And if you can control how they feel, you can control what they see.
3. Every once in a while, I got lucky. And the whole time, I play my trumpet and think of magic.
4. The more success I attain, the greater the pressure becomes.
5. Creating something that didn’t exist before and seeing it help people is a massive reward.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Persistently pursue your ideas, even when others doubt you.
2. Understanding psychology is critical to both magic and business success.
3. Always look for new opportunities and ways to reach your audience.
4. The best innovations often come from solving personal challenges.
5. Success increases pressure and drives continuous improvement and innovation.

Contact Info
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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Franz Harary’s background and accomplishments
2:30 Early magic and marching band illusions
5:00 The psychology of magic and success
8:30 Franz’s TikTok success
10:00 Reaching Michael Jackson and other stars
13:00 Challenges and strategies in magic and business
15:00 Designing illusions for major artists
19:00 Transition to architectural design and theme parks
21:00 Advice for entrepreneurs
24:00 The darker side of success
30:00 Franz’s final thoughts on innovation and legacy

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