Elec Simon

In this episode of For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!, Coach Dan Gordon sits down with Elec Simon, a high-energy MC and motivational entertainer who uses positivity and percussion to engage crowds. Elec shares his incredible journey from a challenging childhood to performing for audiences of over 25,000, including his time with the world-renowned show Stomp. Learn how resilience, determination, and a strong sense of purpose have driven Elec to inspire and uplift others through his unique talents. Don’t miss this robust conversation about perseverance, pride, and staying true to yourself.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: What inspired you to never give up despite the challenges in your childhood?
A1:I watched my mom struggle to pay the bills, which motivated me to work hard. Seeing her cry because she couldn’t afford necessities kept me grounded and driven.
Q2: How did you handle being made fun of for not having name brand shoes as a kid?
A2: I made a joke out of it and stayed confident in myself. I used that humiliation as fuel to prove everyone wrong and to achieve more than they ever expected.
Q3: What mindset helped you stand out during the Stomp auditions?
A3: I confidently walked into the audition, believing the job was mine. I didn’t focus on the competition; I focused on showcasing my unique energy and talent.
Q4: How do you stay open to advice and feedback from others?
A4: You should never be the most intelligent person in the room. I stay humble and open to learning from everyone, including those younger than me, because they often have valuable perspectives.
Q5: What is your approach to working with prisoners, and how do you inspire them?
A5: I use music to engage them and open the floor for them to express themselves. It’s about building connections and community, allowing them to share their talents and feel valued.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Being alone makes you strong.
2. Use what you have and show up with confidence.
3. Never dim your light to be on somebody’s stage.
4. Stay open and humble; always be ready to learn.
5. Resilience means using every setback as fuel to keep going.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Resilience is vital: Use challenges as fuel to push forward.
2. Confidence matters: Believe in yourself and your unique talents.
3. Stay open to feedback: Learn from everyone, regardless of age or experience.
4. Be proud of your journey: Own your successes, and don’t dim your light.
5. Build connections: Use your skills to uplift and inspire others, creating a positive impact.

Contact Info
Email: Cindy@MakeLoveNotPorn.com
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Twitter: twitter.com/cindygallop
Instagram: instagram.com/cindygallop
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0:00 Introduction to Elec Simon
1:15 Elec’s Childhood and Resilience
3:00 Handling Adversity and Humiliation
6:00 The Importance of Family Support
9:00 Journey to Joining Stomp
Noon The Audition Process for Stomp
15:00 PostStomp Career and MC Roles
18:00 Elec’s Work with Schools and Prisons
22:00 Learning from Unexpected Places
25:00 Final Thoughts and Takeaways

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