Darlene Hawley

Join Coach Dan Gordon and guest Darlene Hawley, a speaker, podcast host, business coach, and communication expert. Darlene shares invaluable insights on finding and leveraging the right coach, identifying market gaps, and using free resources to succeed. Learn how to get the most value out of coaching relationships, avoid scammy coaches, and engage effectively with content creators. This episode is packed with practical advice for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to make a significant impact. Tune in for a transformative discussion to help you take your business to the next level.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: What is the key to becoming an expert in your field?
A1: Identify what you’re good at and where there’s a gap in the market. Fill that space and get good at it; you’re more sought after as an expert.
Q2: What should people look for in a coach?
A2: Look for a coach who asks deep questions and finetunes their approach to fit your needs. Avoid those who make big promises based on limited success stories.
Q3: How can clients get more value out of their coaching sessions?
A3: Communicate openly with your coach, give feedback on your sessions, and work together to find creative ways to achieve your goals.
Q4: What are some alternatives to hiring a coach?
A4: Use free resources like podcasts, blogs, and webinars. Engage with content from people you connect with and attend free seminars and workshops.
Q5: What should clients do if they need to get value from their coach?
A5: Talk honestly with your coach about your needs and expectations. Consider finding a new coach if the coach blames you without offering solutions.

Five Badass Quotes
1. You don’t need to have this big broad umbrella and help everybody.
2. Identify what you’re good at and fill that market gap.
3. Having that conversation is essential to get the value you need.
4. Find people whose content you connect with and devour it.
5. Avoid coaches who make big promises based on limited success stories.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Identify and excel in your niche to become a sought-after expert.
2. Communicate openly with your coach to maximize the value of your sessions.
3. Use free resources and content to support your growth before hiring a coach.
4. Be wary of coaches who promise unrealistic results based on limited success stories.
5. Ensure your coach tailors their approach to your unique needs and goals.

Contact Info
Darlene Hawley: http://darlenehawley.com
Coach Dan Gordon: Text “goodcoach” to 213-409-8366

00:00 Intro
00:01 Guest Introduction
00:02 Favorite Podcasts
00:03 Avoiding Scammy Coaches
00:05 Getting Value from Coaching
00:07 Free Resources for Entrepreneurs
00:09 Engaging with Content Creators
00:12 Networking Tips
00:15 Genuine Interest in Others
00:17 What to Look for in a Coach
00:24 Closing Remarks and Contact Info

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