Cindy Gallop

Join Coach Dan Gordon as he interviews Cindy Gallop, the founder of MakeLoveNotPorn.TV, the world’s first user-generated, crowdsourced sex video-sharing platform. Cindy shares her journey in pioneering the Sex Tech industry, the challenges she faced, and the importance of open conversations about sex. This episode dives into the societal impacts of sexual shame and the power of disrupting social narratives around sex. Tune in to learn what it takes to be a true pioneer in a taboo industry and how to change the world to fit your vision.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: Why is it important to talk openly about sex?
A1: Because secrecy and shame around sex lead to harmful sexual experiences, insecurity, and the proliferation of sexual abuse. Open conversations can transform relationships and societal norms.
Q2: How did MakeLoveNotPorn begin?
A2: MakeLoveNotPorn started from Cindy’s personal experiences and the realization that porn was becoming the default sex education due to a lack of open discussions about sex.
Q3: What challenges has Cindy faced in running MakeLoveNotPorn?
A3: Cindy faced immense business challenges, including difficulties getting funded, finding banks and payment processors, and being banned from advertising on major platforms.
Q4: How does Cindy suggest entrepreneurs handle pushback and rejection?
A4: Cindy emphasizes the importance of finding the right people who get your vision, putting your ideas out there, and turning obstacles into motivation and inspiration.
Q5: What is Cindy’s perspective on the future of sex tech?
A5: Cindy believes in the enormous financial potential of socially acceptable sex tech and is working to build out the MakeLoveNotPorn universe to transform societal norms around sex.

Five Badass Quotes
1. When you have a genuinely world-changing startup, you must change the world to fit it.
2. The future of business is doing good and making money simultaneously.
3. Your life is going to be shitty daily, but passionately believing in what you’re doing will keep you going.
4. I always blow my own trumpet because who else will do it for me?
5. Engineer yourself into a position where doors open automatically as you approach.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Open conversations about sex can transform relationships and reduce sexual shame.
2. Building a world-changing startup requires changing societal norms.
3. Facing and overcoming business obstacles is critical to success in taboo industries.
4. Passion and belief in your vision are essential to persevere through challenges.
5. Finding and connecting with the right people who understand your vision is crucial.

Contact Info
Email: Cindy at
LinkedIn: Cindy Gallop
Twitter: @cindygallop
Instagram: @cindygallop and @makelovenotporn
Website: MakeLoveNotPorn.TV

00:00 Introduction to Cindy Gallop and Sex Tech
01:00 The Importance of Open Conversations About Sex
03:00 Cindy’s Journey and MakeLoveNotPorn.TV
06:00 The Challenges of Running a Sex Tech Startup
13:00 The Role of Personal Experience in Innovation
19:00 Changing the World to Fit Your Vision
25:00 The Financial Potential of Socially Acceptable Sex
29:00 The Need for Open Discussions About Sex in the Workplace
31:00 Conclusion and Future Plans for MakeLoveNotPorn

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