Brennan Knight

In this episode of For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY, Coach Dan Gordon interviews Brennan Knight, founder of Engaged Youth and Fan Inspiration. Brennan shares his journey from managing a $25 million sales budget at Sprint to cracking the code on the lucrative youth market. Learn his innovative strategies for reaching and engaging young audiences, the importance of authenticity, and his approach to turning passion into success. Tune in for actionable insights and inspiring stories from a true entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: Coach Dan Gordon: What is the lemonade stand moment for you?
A1: Brennan Knight: The lemonade stand moment is the realization that everything I want to achieve sits on my shoulders, and I must do it for myself.
Q2: Coach Dan Gordon: How did you transition from helping your grandparents to starting a successful business in elderly care?
A2: Brennan Knight: I realized I couldn’t manage from afar and decided to pivot. This led to launching a business that provided solutions I identified through personal experience.
Q3: Coach Dan Gordon: What makes youth marketing challenging, and how did you address it?
A3: Brennan Knight: Youth change their minds frequently, and what they consider authentic varies. We engage directly with them to understand their evolving preferences and stay relevant.
Q4: Coach Dan Gordon: How do you handle setbacks and failures in your entrepreneurial journey?
A4: Brennan Knight: I learn from each experience, view failures as learning opportunities, and move forward with the lessons learned to avoid making the same mistakes.
Q5: Coach Dan Gordon: What is your approach to maintaining authenticity in marketing?
A5: Brennan Knight: Authenticity is about understanding and communicating what truly matters to your audience. We involve our target demographic in the process to ensure genuine engagement.

Five Badass Quotes
1. The fears are real but just stories in our minds.
2. Your first job as an entrepreneur is to move forward, no matter how fearful you feel.
3. If you wait until you feel ready to do anything, you’ll only accomplish something.
4. It’s about using your imagination to help rather than scare yourself.
5. Authenticity is about understanding and communicating what truly matters to your audience.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Recognize that fears are often just stories we tell ourselves.
2. Move forward despite fear; don’t wait for the fear to disappear.
3. Use your imagination positively to envision success, not failure.
4. Authenticity and emotional connection are essential to successful marketing.
5. Learning from failures and setbacks is essential for long-term success.

Contact Info
Brennan Knight: Text ENGAGE to 213.409.8366 to get his blueprint for reaching the youth market.
Coach Dan Gordon: Text GAP to 213.409.8366 for a free copy of his book, Jumping the Gap; Kill Your Story and Take Action!
For inquiries or to be a guest, Text 213.409.8366.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Meet Brennan Knight
03:00 Overcoming Fear in Business
05:00 The Three Questions to Unstick Yourself
Noon Brennan’s Lemonade Stand Moment
16:00 Success at Sprint and Lessons Learned
20:00 Launching Engage Youth and Authenticity in Marketing
30:00 Fan Inspiration and Deeper Audience Connection
37:00 Conclusion and Call to Action

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